The power of families

Families are the building blocks of communities.
Strong and stable families mean strong and stable communities.
Strong and stable communities provide the tools necessary for:
better education systems,
better housing options,
more job opportunities and
 higher quality of living and equal access for all.

Step 1
Alleviate financial burdens to allow families to focus on their personal interests.

Step 2
Educate families about personal finance, goal setting, and credit building.

Step 3
Motivate families to reach their personal, financial and academic goals. 










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Why we do it? 

The Problem:

The income divide in Baltimore has created a number of challenges for many low-income and single-earner families. Many of these families are "gap families". These are families that earn too much to qualify for most benefits like SNAP benefits/food stamps, and other forms of state and federal government assistance; however, as a result of minimum wage, low-income and seasonal employment they also don’t earn enough to consistently make ends meet.

how we do it?

We provide families with non-perishable foods, fresh produce, personal hygiene items and household cleaning supplies to:


(a)    Alleviate financial burdens and allow families to build an emergency savings fund


Alongside these donations we work to


(b)   Educate families about personal finance, budgeting, credit building and academic subjects


All while providing wrap-around case management designed to


  (c)      Motivate families to reach their personal, financial and academic goals.

Keep in mind THAT...

Community support is essential to our programs, and community members just like you allow us to make a difference for families in the greater Baltimore area! To learn about how you can help, check out our Get Involved page! This page features our volunteer opportunities, items we are in need of and other ways to support our work!