Community programs

Our community programs are...

The Families Matter program provides support for families that need resources (like food, hygiene products and many others) and do not qualify for food stamps, housing vouchers and similar benefits*. These families are generally single individuals or single parents or families with one working parent. The program provides families with temporary support while helping families build lasting independence.

#PoPBag is an adaptation of the popular #Lunchbag movement. This an event in which alongside volunteers we provide the homeless with lunch and hygiene bags. The event is unique in that volunteers travel to various locations to serve the homeless rather than have them meet in one central location. 

PoP Scholars is a series of workshops and sessions geared to support under-served youth with support in regards to academic testing. SAT Prep focuses on providing students with tutoring that focuses on the three primary sections of the Scholastic Aptitude Test: critical reading, writing and math. 

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