What Is the Family Academy?

The Family Academy is a 6-month Family Stability program for gap families in Baltimore city. 

The program provides families with non-financial resources like groceries, personal hygiene supplies, and 

household cleaning supplies to reduce financial burdens throughout their time in the program and allow families to create a​​​​​​​n

 emergency savings fundFamilies also attend workshops and receive case management and financial counseling that provides

 families with the tools, resources and support necessary to transition from temporary hardship to lasting indepedence.

Who are gap families?

Gap families are families with one or two parents that earn low incomes from low wage and minimum wage jobs. They earn too much to qualify to for most local and federal benefits (like temporary cash assistance, food stampls) however they don't earn enough to consistenly make ends meet. 

This can be temporary/situational or long-term. Sometimes families are gap families because one parent is on maternity leave while another parent works a low wage or minimum wage job.

Other gap families can be single parents with 1 or more dependents or dual parent households with 1 or more dependents.

These families work full-time or seasonal positions but do not earn enough to consistently make ends meet and support their families.

Gap families can even be families that were doing well until a crisis occurred and are struggling to get back on track.

How does the program work?

For a 6 month period families are provided with non-perishable foods, fresh produce, personal hygiene items and household cleaning items to have cut costs and allow the family to establish an emergency savings account. Below is an overview of a typical group schedule: 

Month 1: Families attend orientation, create an action plan and are matched with their Family Support Team (a Family Support Specialist, a Financial Coach & a Peer Mentor). 

Month 2: Families attend workshops 1, 2 & 3and meet 1-on-1 with members of their Family Support Team. 

Month 3: Families attend workshops 4 & 5, meet with their Family Support Team and start contributing toward their Emergency Savings Fund.

Month 4: Families attend workshops 6, 7 & 8, continue working with their Family Support Teams, continue contributing toward their Emergency Savings Funds. 

Month 5: Families attend final workshops 9 & 10 and receive Resource Packets developed by their Family Support Team, participate in a community service activity and attend the Family Dinner - Graduation Ceremony!

the Family academy program provides the following:

Nonperishable foods & Fresh produce
Personal Hygiene products
Household cleaning supplies
Mentoring & tutoring for youth and professional development training and workshops for adults.

Why Do We Provide These Items?

The Families Matter program provides household necessities and support systems to families in the Greater Baltimore area. These necessities and support systems are provided to allow families to focus on what's important to them, rather than their temporary financial burdens. The program uses a 3-step process:

Alleviate financial burdens by providing necessities that reduce household costs.
Educate families about financial management, credit building/repair, and introduce families to existing community support services.
Work alongside families through individualized case management, financial counseling, and peer support. *Tutoring and mentoring opportunities are available for youth.

Next Steps!

Are you Eligible?

To focus on families with the greatest need, the Families Matter program requires families to meet the following criteria:



-Adults are currently employed or employed in the last 90 days or seeking employment


-School aged children are enrolled in school and attending regularly



- Household income meets the following guidelines - Income Qualifications


- Families must commit to attending required workshops, case management and financial counseling sessions 


Do you have more questions? Please check out our Families Matter program FAQ or ask a question directly using the contact form to the right.

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