Our Mission

Parts of Peace empowers families in Baltimore by partnering with them to meet their basic needs and beyond as they transition from temporary instability to lasting independence. 

About Us

Our History

Parts of Peace began their work when founder Mariah Pratt Bonkowski realized an unmet need for families in Baltimore city. As a outreach coordinator and counselor, she realized that although many resources existed for those in need, resources were limited for families that earned too much to qualify for benefits (like food stamps or temporary cash assistance) but not enough to consistently make ends meet and support their families. Bonkowski started small, by just finding resources and connecting families to them. With a committed group of volunteers (many of which that became board members) the organization began to be a one-stop resource to families, providing basic necessities like food, hygiene and cleaning items, as well as case management and referrals that were delivered directly to families to combat barriers to access and transportation.

Mariah received a Warnock Fellowship in the Spring of 2016 for her work with gap families through a program called Families Matter. Most recently Mariah has received an Open Society Institute Fellowship for her work with PoP Pantries. Mariah also studied Political Science at Notre Dame of Maryland University and earned a Masters in Management with a specialization in Nonprofits & Associations from the University of Maryland University College. Mariah is currently completing a Masters in Social Work at the University of Maryland, Baltimore


Board of Directors

The Parts of Peace board includes a number of members with expertise in the areas of program development, program administration, program evaluation, community outreach and organizing, financial counseling, advocacy, and research. 60% of the board holds a Bachelor of Arts degree, and 42% of the board hold an advanced or professional degree. 2 board members are Americorp fellows and have received extensive training in direct service and asset based community development. 

Sheena Williams
Neshe Bond - Folefac
William Atkinson
Julius Maina
Samuel Storey
Shaylah Tate - Micken


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