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Baltimore Hygiene Bank

Your Favorite Hygiene Brands For Less

Find your preferred personal and household hygiene items in

our free & low cost members only online market.

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Our Services

Improving Lives


Community Support

We are dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. Our services include providing essential items such as baby diapers, baby wipes, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body oil, pads, tampons, menstrual cups, as well as makeup, hair care items, oral hygiene products, household hygiene items, and more. Through our efforts, we aim to improve the lives of those in need and create a stronger, healthier community.


Accepting Multiple Payment Methods

We understand the importance of convenience for our clients. That's why we accept various payment methods including credit cards, cash, and checks. By offering multiple options, we ensure that everyone can access our services and support our cause. Your contribution, no matter the form, makes a difference in the lives of those we serve.


Nonprofit Family

As a nonprofit organization, we are driven by a strong sense of family and community. Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate care and support to those in need. We treat our clients like family, ensuring they feel valued, respected, and supported throughout their journey. Together, we create a warm and welcoming environment where everyone feels like they belong.


Affordable Pricing

We believe that access to essential items should not be limited by financial constraints. That's why we offer competitive pricing for all our products and services. Our goal is to make these essential items affordable and accessible to everyone in our community. By providing affordable options, we strive to alleviate the burden of financial stress and ensure that everyone can access the items they need to live a healthy and comfortable life.

How Does the
Baltimore Hygiene Bank work?

Read below to learn about how we get hygiene items, how we are able to provide them for low and reasonable costs and how you and your family can become a member of the Baltimore Hygiene Bank and start receiving hygiene necessities today!


The Baltimore Hygiene Bank purchases discounted and wholesale hygiene products from various suppliers.


Some of our products are new, shelf pulls, or have packaging that was damaged but are 100% unused and unexpired.



After a quality inspection, all hygiene items are added to our online catalog for purchase by eligible members.


After your membership application is approved, you are eligible to make purchases through our web store. Hygiene items can be picked up or delivered.


Through grants and other fundraising mechanisms, we further subsidize the cost of hygiene items, processing costs and the cost of delivery.


To become a free member of the Baltimore Hygiene Bank, you must complete an application online.


[Individuals & Families]

Use the button below to review eligibility and sign up for a free annual membership to the Baltimore Hygiene Bank. 

[Agencies & Organizations]

We are currently not accepting Agency Partners to the Baltimore Hygiene Bank. Please consider partnering with the Pop Pantries program to receive personal and household hygiene items for your organization.

[Non-Member & One-Time

Use the link below to submit a one time request for items from the Baltimore Hygiene Bank.




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