COVID-19 Response

Increasing Hygiene Access during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

As a result of the current COVID-19 health crisis we're experiencing, all PoP Pantry sites except one have been closed to the public as these partner sites have taken carefully calculated precautions to flatten the curve and protect their staff and clients. While these precautions are necessary, they exacerbate existing challenges for gap families (families that earn too much to qualify for benefits but not enough to consistently make ends meet and support their families) and other groups that are experiencing food instability and hygiene poverty and face barriers to accessing basic human necessities like food and hygiene items in times of need. 

As an effort to adhere to local / federal regulations about gatherings and take necessary precautions like social distancing we've moved to online model to continue to serve families in need in Baltimore city and families experiencing crises as a result of COVID-19. 

We are providing preventative hygiene items like body wash, bar soap, hand soap and laundry detergent pods as these are the best preventative measures against contracting the virus to families that need these items but don't have access to them or cannot afford them during this time (other items may be provided as well, inventory permitting). 

Items are free of charge and can be picked up from our office (5011 Arbutus Ave, Baltimore, MD 21215) or delivered directly to the home. Items can be requested using the links below. 

Families facing challenges presented by the effects of COVID-19 can submit an online request for free preventative or emergency hygiene items to be picked up from our office or delivered to your home in Baltimore city. *This program is only open to Baltimore city residents.

We are primarily providing body wash, bar soap, liquid hand soap and laundry detergent pods as a preventative measure against COVID-19. Other items may be provided as available, inventory permitting. 

If you are completing the online request for a client, please use the client referral request. This form is better suited to help us determine eligibility and best meet the needs of your clients.

COVID-19 Impact Snapshot

# of Volunteers Engaged

# of Volunteer Hours

# of Households served in Baltimore City

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# of hygiene items distributed to families in Baltimore city as COVID-19 response efforts.

COVID-19 Impact data last updated on March 1, 2021

Photo Feed of COVID-19 Efforts