Together we can increase access to FREE hygiene necessities during the 
COVID-19 outbreak.


Our Areas of Focus 

 Food Access

We work to make FREE non-perishable foods like cereal, pastas, soups, oatmeal and other food items that provide more than one serving to a household more accessible by removing common barriers to access like transportation challenges, zip code restrictions, tedious application processes and more so that families can quickly and easily access critical resources to maintain stability. 

Hygiene Access

We actively combat hygiene poverty by making basic human necessities like personal hygiene items (soap, lotion, deodorant, etc.), oral hygiene items (toothpaste, mouthwash, floss), feminine hygiene items (pads, tampons, feminine wipes, etc.) and baby care items FREE and highly accessible to families in need in Baltimore city. 


Pop Pantries 

Photo of Food PoP Pantry @ Greenmount West Community Center
Photo of Food PoP Pantry @ Greenmount West Community Center

PoP Pantries are stand alone micro-pantries filled with either non-perishable foods or basic hygiene necessities in an effort to combat food instability and hygiene poverty in Baltimore; particularly as it affects gap families (families that earn too much to qualify for benefits, but not enough to consistently make ends meet and support their families)  and other groups that face barriers to accessing the services and resources they need. 

This is our story

Our goal is to change the way that Baltimore's families access the services and resources that they need. We work to eliminate barriers to access like restrictive programs, zip-code restrictions, social stigma, income requirements and more. Instead we seek innovative ways to leverage existing resources and tailor them to provide customized support.

2020 Impact Snapshot

As of August 18, 2020



We currently have three pantries operating in Baltimore city. We also have two pantries expected to open in
 March & April 2020. View PoP Pantry locations here.



Our partners make it possible for us to continue to support families in need in Baltimore. We partner with various organizations to serve as pantry sites and as donation partners.



Volunteers are essential to our work. Our volunteers help to build pantries, decorate pantries, check and sort inventory, assemble and deliver PoP Packages and more!



Each month we serve an average of 75 households through our food and hygiene PoP Pantries hygiene PoP-Ups at partner sites.  



Each month we serve an average of 75 households through our food and hygiene PoP Pantries hygiene PoP-Ups at partner sites.



To date we have been able to have provided families in need with a generous amount of food and hygiene necessities. The average number of items needed per pantry visit is 4. 

*Includes households and individuals served through COVID-19 Response Efforts